Sunburst Under the Sea Pageant

Saturday,March 20th

Registration begins at 11am; Pageant begins at Noon, near The Hero Day.

All COVID-19 Guidelines will be adhered to by participants and crowd.  Family groups will be seated together.  


Does your child enjoy being in front of an audience? Do YOU want to be discovered?

Sunburst Model Search & Beauty Pageant are looking for new faces!


All finalists chosen and crowned on the day of competition will advance to the state finals.

Everyone receives a crown and trophy!

Judging based on beauty and personality.

BOYS AGE GROUPS: 0-23 months, 2-4 yrs. old & 5-9 yrs. old

GIRLS AGE GROUPS: Under 1yr., 1yr. olds, 2-3 yrs., 4-6 yrs., 7-10 yrs., 11-13 yrs., 14-17 yrs., and 18-27 yrs.

Register at or call 727-258-7053 or pickup an entry form at Lima Mall.

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